Dubai Postcard 1

At times, urban graffiti is called the purest form of art. Undertaken neither for acclaim nor for profit, this is Art which rises from the streets. Art which depicts the world around it, the world in its rawest and most visceral self. ‘Tis Art for Art’s sake alone.

What utter, infallible gunk! Defaced brick and mortar structures might hold their charms for the casual passerby, but its just a wee bit difficult to go gaga over stuff like this:

Graffiti - Turnstile - Dubai Style

Dubai arguably offers as much material in generating cutting edge visceral stuff as any other city on this planet! And, this is the best that our urban graffiti Yoda (who fortunately for him/her/it remains unnamed) could come up with!! At times, anonymity sure does have its virtues.

Or perhaps, I am just being a tad too unkind  here. Bet this must be the handiwork of some poor Transformers groupie, with a bit too much time and spray paint at his/her/its disposal, who:

  1. Does not quite appreciate Optimus Prime’s grandiloquent gyaan delivered in operatic baritone;
  2. But is still in awe of the dude’s awesome awesomeness 🙂


Got drenched. In the middle of the friggin desert 🙂

Funny thing is thunder seemed to be in mute mode (or perhaps it was just all that sand in my ears). And the rain drops were surprisingly big! You know the ones which just go splat, without any preliminary pitter-patter!

What is infinitely funnier is that I wasn’t even sure it was the real deal when the skyline started flashing up! Thought there were some slightly evolved versions of fireworks going off! See, that’s what the desert (especially, this version thereof) does to you!