Month: October 2006

Sometimes a Broomstick’s All You Need

Chk this out…..…….don’t mean to be flippant or anything about these supernatural spells or the ancient wisdom of Wiccan tradition (umm….aah…..err), but most of these spells seem little more than glorified limericks, the kind we used to have back in kindergarten.

P.S. My apologies if I have unknowingly offended any exponent of the aforementioned art. Hope you shall view my inanities with a certain degree of latitude and regard me as nothing more than a thoughtless, idiotic chap who didn’t know what he was getting into.

P.P.S. There aren’t any spells for striking down a bugger with a bolt of lightning right?

P.P.P.S And btw, while ur still there, in that flick Four Rooms, the one in which the bellhop was Tim Roth, those 4 ladies in the first chapter, were they wiccans?