Month: November 2006

Obgarb The Trafick Ruls

Saw that emblazoned on the rear bumper of an auto today. When you come to think of it, it really ain’t that bad; just pronounce’g’ as you would in gentile. On an unrelated note, imagine two points, A and B connected only by one straight road. Now, the problem which my rather limited abilities at comprehenion faces is why on earth do the auto-rickshaw wallahs have to holler out that they are going to B when quite clearly there isn’t much of an option insofar as the destination is concerned. Apart from being a pitiful waste of lungpower it is also rather disconcerting for those sitting next to the guy.

The Departed

See Departed for Nicholson’s Joker meets Godfather routine. See Departed for DiCaprio’s portrayal of what angst and vulnerability really ought to be like. See Departed for the superb Matt Damon, for the brilliant Alec Baldwin and the equally good Martin Sheen. But most of all, see Departed for Mark Wahlberg’s Dignam. For a guy who gives the term, ‘shooting from the lip’ almost a complex and in the process ends up elevating profanities to an artform. For a guy who barely occupies a third of the screentime, yet walks away with the best lines and every damn scene he’s in. See this damn flick for all these things. And as Dignam would have said, your satisfaction is guaran-fuckin-teed