A Little something about Music

There is this new song which is going around by Kailash Kher (of Allah Ke Bande fame) on most music channels. Its named something like Teri Deewani. You know, this guy Kher, whenever he sings has distinct Sufiyana overtones. This song would have been absolutely brilliant only if it had infused a little more of metallic stuff, a little more zing. Then, it would really have been placed alongside the best which the Pakistani rock bands such as E.P. or Mizraab ever had to offer. Now as it is, the song, despite all that it has going for it as too soothing and mellow to become a real chartbuster. It needs a little bit of steel. Also, the picturization has been done brilliantly, either in Bombay or in Hyderabad. I’m really confused as to that. First I thought I saw Charminar, then the video had something which looked a lot like Haji Ali and finally there was this huge Gautam Buddha statute. I’ll be damned if I can identify which city that is, but if I had to put my two cents, I’d do it on Hyderabad.

I-Day, VIVAs and Green Day

First time I attended clg in weeks today. Nothing else has changed in NUJS except that Indian flags of all shapes and sizes were littered all around, an Independence Day hangover probably. Nevertheless, none of the teachers suffered from any patriotic fervour as such and we had regular classes. Still, the day was pretty enjoyable with a rather elaborate enactment of one of the scenes of the year so far. Enjoyable would be an understatement, though. It was positively hysterical with absolutely everybody in splits. I would have probably put down the episode here itself, but for my failure to translate that instance of comic brilliance into words.

Moving over to some mundane matters now, I have my VIVAs scheduled for Saturday and I have a gargantuan syllabi in front of me. I haven’t touched my books in something like an eternity and sometimes classroom dicussions are as unintelligible to me as Egyptian hieroglyphics. I had planned on sitting down with my books today, but somehow I neither have the inclination nor the motivation to do so at present. I just hope that this all-too-familiar syndrome of procrastination does not extend to tommorrow as well otherwise I would have really landed myself in a real soup.

Lest I forget, today’s posting is dedicated to my current favourite video clip, “Wake me up When September Ends”. Though it never comes even close to matching the lyrical supremacy and sheer imagery of the more-famous, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, there is this underlying layer of angst coupled with an almost esoteric air about it, which alone imparts that extra bit to this clip.