Month: September 2011

Rani ‘Blue Scholars’ Mukerji

Her Huskiness has sure come a long way from her Ghulam days!

She is currently masquerading as a resident muse for a Seattle-based hip hop crew 🙂

Good catchy stuff, Blue Scholars! Especially that bit, tumi aamake, ja ja jaano naa…. Probably some Seattle-based Bong kid with a bad Shahrukh Khan hangover. Seriously deadly combo that 🙂

Personally prefer Hussein though.

Shanghai Postcard 1

The Oriental Pearl Tower is, easily, the most striking structure in the Pudong skyline.

Err, The Skyline

Some buildings are meant to be useful. Some others are meant to look good. Some though are meant to look like friggin’ spaceships liable to take off without a moment’s notice.

Now, as with most buildings of such type, there is no dearth of notable notables willing to grace such places with their august presences. The Oriental Pearl Tower is no different. There are signature panels of all the eminences, grise or otherwise, who have deemed it fit to visit the place. India, if I remember correctly, was represented my Messrs. Somnath Chatterjee and A.B. Vajpayee. SC’s panel was fine; ABV’s though, was slightly more interesting:

Signature(s) Panel

Seriously guys, Shreyas, Jaydeep and Ashvin, well well done! Must be an incredible feeling, really, to know that of all the panels in the place, the only one which has been defaced belongs to our country. And hey, we live in democracy, who is to say that you fellas are any less important than Vajpayee!


On a completely unrelated note, total time spent at the UKBA queue at Heathrow this time was 97 minutes! I counted!! Swear that had I been made of less sterner stuff, I might have actually considered hot-footing it back to DXB on the next Emirates flight. Fortunately, composed as I am of a high-density titanium alloy, the thought briefly crossed my mind, took one look at what it was up against, and then ran screaming for its dear life!