The Departed

See Departed for Nicholson’s Joker meets Godfather routine. See Departed for DiCaprio’s portrayal of what angst and vulnerability really ought to be like. See Departed for the superb Matt Damon, for the brilliant Alec Baldwin and the equally good Martin Sheen. But most of all, see Departed for Mark Wahlberg’s Dignam. For a guy who gives the term, ‘shooting from the lip’ almost a complex and in the process ends up elevating profanities to an artform. For a guy who barely occupies a third of the screentime, yet walks away with the best lines and every damn scene he’s in. See this damn flick for all these things. And as Dignam would have said, your satisfaction is guaran-fuckin-teed

Dhum Dhum Dhadam Dhadaiya Re

Yeah, I know……….its been an eternity, and more. Saw Omkara a few days back, first time ever I caught a movie on the day it was released, and have to admit, the friggin flick was worth every damn penny. Firstly, its almost the most un-multiplex muliplex movie you can ever hope to come across. Replete with profanities of the crudest varieties, I can’t exactly visualise family audiences making a beeline to the theatres to witch this one, but man, what a flick, what dialogues, what cinematography, what performances, a brilliant soundtrack, refreshingly different from the usual run-of-mill syrupy sweet Bollywood numbers, and ofcourse, Saif Ali Khan, in probably the best performance he has or is ever likely to deliver. If Othello was less about the eponymous hero, and more about the webs of deceit and subterfuge spun around him by the cunning, wily Iago, its no different over here. Omkara is Langda Tyagi’s magnum opus, period.