Got drenched. In the middle of the friggin desert 🙂

Funny thing is thunder seemed to be in mute mode (or perhaps it was just all that sand in my ears). And the rain drops were surprisingly big! You know the ones which just go splat, without any preliminary pitter-patter!

What is infinitely funnier is that I wasn’t even sure it was the real deal when the skyline started flashing up! Thought there were some slightly evolved versions of fireworks going off! See, that’s what the desert (especially, this version thereof) does to you!



  1. Hailstones man. Any day!!

    Oh, and on a completely different point, I met someone a couple of weeks back, who probably looked more like you than you yourself!

    Would have taken his picture, but for the fact that (1) it was something like 1 in the night (2) he had been sleeping and (3) err, umm, ’twas the wrong address!!

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