An Exam is as an Exam Does

Must be blogging after something around two or more months or so. And it feels like an eternity. Not because I am that fanatical a blogger or anything, but rather because of what happened in the last few weeks. Now, there can be only one thing to drive me roAn exam isund the bend in that kind of a manner; exams. Despite my rather high-falutin, highly-strung resolutions at the end of last semester exams, it was again back to square one. There are always two contrasting urges I feel on the eve of examinations; firstly, the urge to start studying and secondly, the irresistible urge to kick myself in the butt.

Now, clearly the latter is not an option, as in order to perform that act, either I would have to be a contortionist of incredible ability and maniacal proportions or a medical miracle. Unfortunately, I am neither. Therefore, the only option left is studying. Then comes the issue of motivation. Even that isn’t easy. You have absolutely no idea of the depths of despair an individual plumbs when he has the entire syllabus yawning in front of him and barely enough time to complete a quarter of it. Still, I take a shot at motivating myself by a two-pronged process of mental abuse and reference to previous feats of a similar nature.

And even if somehow I am able to motivate myself that all is not lost, what if there are only two days for the examinations to start, what if I cannot understand the handwriting of the person whose xeroxed notes are before me (PIL), and how the same situation confronted me the last exam, and the exam before that, and the exam before that…., my misery is compounded by the bugger next door who would be revising for the fourth or fifth time. That is one of the not-so-good parts of living in a hostel. The good part is that you also tend to find a number of kindred spirits, who although not in that precarious a position, are still roughly on the same plane.

Still, somehow, this sem’s exams are over and done with, and as they say, alls well that ends well. I have vacations to the tune of three months streching in front of me. I have an internship lined up with a lawyer in Cal. I might even go and work under my uncle. Might learn how to drive during these hols. I have got a number of books to buy and read. I have already mde a start by picking up a few books at the Great Oxford Sale yesterday (more about that tommorrow). Watched a cracker of a match between SA and Aus today. Listening to plenty of music (currently Bad English’s When I see you Smile). And my exams didn’t go that badly either. At least, not as badly as I had expected them go.