Assembly-Line Novels

Why do all Dan Brown novels, or for that matter, almost all novels of this genre read like they have come out of an assembly line production? Got hold of Brown’s Angels and Demons pdf version yesterday and finished it in four straight hours (and was deprived of a good nights sleep in the process). Although, a plausible enough storyline, most of the literary instruments resorted to were the same as with any other similar novel. Short, crisp sentences to create the feel of a taut, pacy storyline and impossibly long, evocative sentences almost tantamounting to an epiphany of some sort whenever one of the central characters would be in the throes of some strong passion.

Kinda brings back memories of a brilliant short story by Roald Dahl by the name of the Great Automatic Grammatizor or something. Still, Mr. Dan Brown’s novels do contain lots of out of the world trivia and are pretty crisply written