Firefox Rocks, IE Sucks

I dunno what it is with my comp. Damn thing always keeps on finding new ways to irritate the hell out of me. This time IE simply wont open. Everytime I try to open it a blue screen pops up displaying some nonsense about some kind of physical memory deficit and the bloody thing goes into restart mode. Feel like just, you know, ripping it apart, socket by socket, screw by screw, port by port, smashing the hell out of it and then venting all my pent-up rage and frustration by launching its mangled remains from my 10th floor balcony.

Neways, downloaded Mozilla using Ares. Now, that browser works like a charm. Started my internship with a lawyer about four days back. The guy deals mostly with the criminal side. More about that later, in my next post maybe. Got some other stuff to do before I hit the sacks. Ciao