Random thoughts

Random thoughts at the end of a loooong hiatus:-

1. Anybody who is even remotely interested with absolutely anything to do with law, read M.C. Chagla’s autobiography, Roses in December. Brilliant book. For sheer lucidity of prose, clarity of thought, all without the slighest trace of self-importance or conceit, the book is second to none. A MUST-HAVE

2. Dominique Lapierre is a brilliant journalist, undoubtedly, but also unfortunately seems to suffer from a rather pronounced chip on his shoulder. His work, A Thousand Suns was very nicely written. I met plenty of unforgettable characters, the Spaniard bullfighter, El Cordobes, the dashing Portuguese rebel, Henrique Galvao and many others. However, I also had to go through Lord Mountbatten being described in a manner bordering on sycophancy, and Gandhi in a tone which was very clearly patronizing.

3. Listen to the song Cells by the Servant. The same also happens to be the theme song for Robert Rodriguez stylish noir flick, Sin City. Very seldom have I come across a situation where the theme song and the flick fit each other to the T. This is one of them. Song is utter balderdash, but is brilliant tuneful. Similarly, the movie is full of mindless gore but has been brilliantly shot.