And One for TT

Back in University, the Skulker and I had penned something called “The TT Chronicles” for our Yearbook. It was verbose, it was wordy, probably had enough adjectives to fill out a goodly-sized Wren & Martin, and was more or less, absolute tripe. It also took a fair number of potshots at some people which were perhaps not appreciated, and did not take one potshot which was definitely not appreciated 🙂 But as usual, I digress.

Today, I came across an article in FT along somewhat similar lines. Ok, maybe not! But ’twas about TT and much good it was 🙂 

I give you Ping Pong with the FT: Harry  Evans. And a short extract therefrom:

Top Five: Ping-pong joints

 Spin New York: With backing from the likes of Susan Sarandon and Edward Norton, Spin’s 2009 opening symbolised ping pong’s new-found celebrity appeal.

 Spin Hollywood: This west coast branch, in LA’s Mondrian hotel, offers coaching from table tennis champion-turned-fashion model Soo Yeon Lee.

The New York Table Tennis Club: Former champions Alex Tam and Deng Yaping are among the members at this Flushing venue.

The Fleapit: Micro-brewed beer and “tunes with a certain bounce” go with the regular table tennis nights at this bar on London’s Columbia Road.

The Book Club: Tuesday night is “King Pong night” at this Shoreditch bar. Entry is £1 – with £30 worth of drinks to be won

As you can see two of ’em are in London.

And one of them is even called The Book Club 🙂



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