Quotidian Quibbles

I am currently about halfway through, what is in my opinion The Greatest novel I have ever read. It might not be the best of the lot, nor might it be the most engrossing read around, but ‘Great’, yep, that most certainly it is.  It’s also a novel I have been making pretty heavy weather of over the last few weeks/months. I don’t think I have ever taken as long as this to finish a book. Well, probably working in the City ain’t exactly that conducive to reading habits. That being said, two former lawyers from my firm have just had their first novels published! 

At times, I just wanna run. All day long. Preferably in sneakers. And not in hiking boots which weigh half a ton. (That almost rhymes, probably if spoken in a faux Scot accent).

Have a long weekend staring me in the face. With a slightly constipated expression and rather complicated upper-eyebrow movements. None of which is especially endearing. Neither is the fact that I would have to be up again early tomorrow morn. But then, faithful and fed-up reader, such is life. 

On the point of which, I think I should go to/try to go to sleep.

 P.S. The Chap might have written The Greatest novel, but The Chap also seems to like the term ‘quotidian’ a lot. Not that I mind. It just sounds a bit like what one might name their pet duck-billed platypus.



  1. Heh. Remember that Pup in the Balcony. The one which used to scat outside (and at times inside) everyone’s room, and drive Namit bonkers with its howling 🙂

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