Laundry Day

Yesterday was Laundry Day. As also Dryer Day. Which was all much good. Apart from the fact ofcourse that most of my ganjees came out in a peculiar shade of muted blue 🙂 Which I would say was moderately good.

Today was Ironing Day. Which was strictly so-so. I have come to the conclusion that I am far better at ironing solids than I am at stripes. Which probably boils down to the basic fact that greater the contrast, the more easier is it to spot wrinkles, or as in my case, an entire truckload of ’em.

And on which note I’d also say that our current Hon’ble HRD Head Honcho has his priorities all skewed up. The chap should forget about abolishing exams and concentrate more on introducing some core subjects at school-level. Like say, ironing and cooking. And thereby preclude the possibility of having disgruntled chaps (like me) cursing themselves for not having taken up Home Science at High School.     

I had actually forgotten over the last few days/months why I liked TT so much. Rediscovered a wee bit of that feeling last night.

London might be many things. And many things it might be not. But what it most definitely is, is the world capital of static electricity. I kid thee not. On an average, I probably receive some three to four mild-to-moderate level shocks per day. Mildly entertaining. Moderately disconcerting.



  1. Hahaha what rubbish. I never noticed any excess static electricity. You must be doing something weird. But a very funny paragraph, nonetheless.

  2. what bunkum!

    kinda ironic that you (of the thirty billion indians living in london) would get static electricity shock

    one would have thought that you move too quickly for that kinda shit

    geddit? static and YOU

    screw you
    and write about food you prick

  3. @ The Robot: I theenk there must be something the matter in re electrical conductivity with me 🙂 Remember that Pratchett novel, where this troll’s trapped in this insanely cold place and with all his sillicates supercharged, turnd into a friggin’ genius. Heh.

    @ The Foul-Mouthed One: Thirty Billion. Naaaice. I always knew you had a way with numbers.

  4. Have two possible theories for the electricity conduction:

    1. I had heard once that brinjals have some electrical conductivity…. so maybe you’ve been hogging them brinjals (as usual) and so you’ve started conducting electricity….
    2. Maybe you can become a mutant and start controlling electricity…. would be damn cool…. and would be in sync with your sudden sharp movements as well….

  5. I shall treat point 1 with the usual condescension it deserves. As regards point 2, and proceeding upon that line of argument, shouldn’t I already be a mutant, albeit a slightly unevolved one?

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