Fourteen, Nineteen

It takes fourteen minutes to walk down from Green Towers, Golf Green to South City Mall.

It takes nineteen minutes to walk down from Green Towers, Golf Green to Jadavpur P.S.

I recently re-discovered Muscat Halwa. Tucked away somewhere in a nondescript sweet shop, in the narrow bylanes of Central Cal. Most sweets leave me cold. The saccharine overdose is often too much for me. Certain things though are just plain awesome. Say, Soan Papdi, a couple of Malai Chops, properly made Kulfi, or even freshly baked Chhena Poda. Muscat Halwa falls into the same general category of awesomeness.

Sunny’s to Sharma’s: Not so long back, Tamarind was probably the only decent South Indian restaurant worth its name in Cal. Then, suddenly, it just bloody disappeared. Now, I am not exactly the greatest aficionado of grub originating from South-of-the-Vindhyas (To wit, I love Vadas, I hate Uttapams, and I am pretty much ambivalent to everything else in between as long as I am not served anything squishy), but I did kinda miss the blasted place. Then, recently, I caught sight of it again. Its barely a few hundred metres away from where it used to be originally. On the same bloody road. Its probably on the first floor now though.

I don’t like justifying myself. Now, you can either take that as an admission of a deeply personal nature, or a mere expression of typographical intent.



  1. Oh, yes… Tamarind! brings back memories of delectable Coorg Mutton 😉
    where do u get this Muscat Halwa? do share it 🙂

  2. @ The Davosian: The Central Cal joint might be a li’l hard to locate. However, there are quite a few shops around Park Circus which stock Muscat Halwa.

    @ The Robot: Eh, point. You should be right up there as well though. And frankly, there’s no point in accounting for those ultra slo-mo bozos.

  3. why is barfi spelt like barf with an eeee?
    and when the hell did you start “walking”?? Its more of a blur-like jog you quaker!

  4. @ The Soccer-Man: No, I do, actually. Esp. Chocolate Barfis. Even Dosas; my only problem though is that Sambar often contains truckloads of aforementioned squishy stuff.

    @ The Foul-Mouthed One: Just because you skulk about with the languid fecundity of a disemboweled snail, doesn’t mean that can be called “walking”.

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