On Things, Where You’re Left With Nothing

There are so many kinds of things in this world; Things which make you flash your pearlies. Things which bring about that spring in your step. Things which make you jump, trampoline-style. Things which piss you off. Things about which you rant. Things about which you rave.

At times though, there are certain things which leave you buzzing inside. Like some deranged cicada. Your mind’s a whorl, a friggin maelstrom. You have so much to say, but you never get started. Not even with the first syllable. You don’t start, for you don’t bloody know whether you have it in you, to be able to stop. And being the wuss you are, you take the easy way out. You blank ’em out. For these are things, where you’re left with nothing.

Back in my NUJS-days, I had once seen a documentary called The Final Solution. Today, I caught another documentary, Terror in Mumbai. (Cross-linked from here) And that thing happened all over again.



  1. another example: direct tax classes
    those left me with nothing as well.
    and frankly the docu is pretty shoddy. Only kasab’s interview and the camera footage is worth the watch. otherwise the whole “child wondering about terrorists” is so fukin over done its not funny.
    and then i wonder why people call me a cynic.

  2. Well, most docus do make a not-so-subtle efforts to tug at heartstrings. And frankly, I was pretty darned surprised as to the kind of footage this chap Reed has managed to collate. Says a lot about our desi media.

    And btw, don’t feel sad about all the names people call you (I’d have thought, you would’ve been used to it by now:))

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