Movies, Cinema, Muck (And a Couple of Non Sequiturs)

Exhibit A: Chintuji. Had heard so many poltroons going gaga about how nice, how sweet, how cutesy it was. Well, the darned thing IS sweet. The only problem is that it is so bloody sweet it almost reaches saccharin overdose levels. Methinks the director was probably aiming for a good old fashioned Hrishikesh Mukherjee-Basu Chatterjee feel. And given the times we live in, he was probably obligated to throw in a song-and-dance routine as well. But the poor chap overshot it. By a helluva long way. Muck

Exhibit B: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. How does someone, who made such a bloody decent movie the first time round, so totally screw up the sequel?? Transformers has got to be the worst sequel I have seen. Ever. I know Bay ain’t exactly the cat’s pajamas when it comes to cinematic derring-do, but this has to be pretty special, even by his not-so-exacting standards. Or maybe, it was just Megan Fox which distracted the poor man. Utter muck.

Non Sequitur 1: Caught snatches from a trailer of a Chetan Bhagat interview on CNBC a few days back. The man was mouthing lines like “Chetan Bhagat knows what he wants”, “Bollywood shall work for Chetan Bhagat, not the other way around”. Not only does he churn out you-know-what, but he also speaks in third-person. Cult

Non Sequitur 2: MNS activists have declared war on Wake up Sid. Apparently, the movie refers to Mumbai as Bombay. Cult-er.

Non Sequitur 3: Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old. But that’s alright. ‘Coz he directed The Pianist and Chinatown, you know. (%$@#@, some more dosh here)

Non Sequitur 4: Phul Singh v. State of Haryana, AIR 1980 SC 248. Per, Krishna Iyer, J.

“A philanderer of 22, appellant Phul Singh, overpowered by sex stress in excess, hoisted himself into his cousin’s house next door, and in broad day-light, overpowered the temptingly lonely prosecutrix of twenty four, Pushpa, raped her in hurried heat and made an urgent exit having fulfilled his erotic sortie.”

(Some more extracts from the same order here.) Cult-est.



  1. True, true. It might be all Chris Nolan’s fault, you know. The chap should have never made TDK (and in the process, spoilt us all) 🙂

  2. Also, Harvinder Kaur v. Harmander Singh, AIR 1984 Del 66, 78 (overturning the lower court’s verdict):
    “A disproportionate emphasis on sex, almost bordering on obsession, has coloured the views of the Learned Judge.”

  3. quaker
    ur horny as hell
    i suggest you get laid
    unless of course the laws of Quakerdom forbid it till you turn 40 or whatever
    please do
    horny toad!

  4. Thou art prescient, O Great and Wise Foul-Mouthed One. Get out of Delhi HC, scoot to somewhere near a river, set up an ashram, and THEN give gyaan. You’re seriously wasting your talents out here. Tch, tch.

  5. @Sryon – “A disproportionate emphasis on sex?”. That’s not even possible. Shows just how dumb most of these judge types are.

  6. Sans a certain Chintuji and Tranformers(You know where to find ’em nw ), your Non-sequiturs steal the show.No doubt abt dat. Kudos to your random thoughts. 😛
    Neverthless, i guess post the Delhi-HC Order, a few of your cronies might have tried to position you as championing the special people’s case..but , for the record, have you started contemplating treading the straighter path?
    A statement is utterly indispensible. 😀

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