‘Tis Puja Time (And Other Things)

‘Tis Puja time in Cal. Everyone seems happy and chirpy all of a sudden; Pandals have been erected overnight, every square inch of acreage’s been milked for all they’re worth; the dhakis are all set to do what they do best; the street food wallah’s are ready to make a killing again. Nothing’s changed. Nothing ever will.

Had gone back to NUJS a couple of days back. Didn’t go back to Room No. 217. The last time I’d been there, I’d found somebody else cooped up inside. Bit of a shock to the system, that. With the vacs on, there were hardly any peepul around. Met up with the Tea-boys, the LAN-man, Miskhan and the Poet Jr. They were probably the only few fellas still left. Also, ran into Rookie who is up to strange and wonderful things at the SC. And of course, had Dim-wala Maggi with onions and chillies šŸ™‚ Friggin’ brilliant. Brought back lots of memories. Most of them though, from those unfortunate mornings we used to have uttapam for breakfast.

Speaking of food, Benjarong’s the new Mainland China. Most certainly so. And their Chicken Satays are bloody awesome. Sigree’s finally spruced up on its main course act. And that was the best Dum Biryani I’ve had in a long, long time. Who knows, people might actually start going there for a reason apart from them kebabs.

Henin’s apparently making a comeback. All’s well in the world again. There ought to be some sort of a law expressly forbidding anyone with a backhand like hers from being ever allowed to retire. Mein Gott, I could keep on watching replays of that single-handed backhand for hours on end!

The Post Office on Southern Avenue has got to be the cleanest, most well-ventilated, supra-spacious government facilitated message disbursal mechanism I’ve ever been to. ‘Tis speshul. The fellas behind the counters though are having none of this speshul-ness. There was this one lady in particular, simply refused to tell me which counter to go to. Thankfully, I’m of a calm, equable disposition. In fact, at times I’m positively Zen. Otherwise, (mutters darkly……)

Speaking of Zen, I present another Zen master. Ā ‘Tis truly a measure of the times we live in, that I get to see stuff I might not have even heard of otherwise. I hereby present, Zidane – A 21st Century Portrait. Real Madrid vs. Villareal. April 2005. From the first whistle to the last. 17 Synchronized cameras. All focussed on ONE man, his slightest actions, his every movement, his sudden sprints, his subtlest feints. On Zidane. (Cross-linked from here)



  1. “Thankfully, Iā€™m of a calm, equable disposition.”
    Yeah. Right.

    On a different note, the all-you-can-eat deal at Zara tapas bar at South City is pretty awesome as well.

  2. Whenever you see any word, snatch, phrase or conversation with a “Tis” in it, you know the Quakie has to be around.

    ‘Tis Puja.

    ‘Tis Autumn.

    ‘Tis Sexy!

    ‘Tis Pamela Anderson’s Boobies!

    and of course, as a rejoinder to the last one…

    “Mein Gott!!!”

    Heil Quaker.

    Others abide by question. Thou art free.

  3. @ The Robot: Is it now?? Last time, I’d been there, they had an all-you-can-drink thing going šŸ™‚

    @ The PJ-Meister: Surprisingly, South City was pretty darned empty when I’d gone there. Methinks people are so busy doing the rounds of ze pandals, that places like these might actually not be too bad.

    @ Larry: And for this, thou shalt be whooped. Lemme just catch hold of you, you li’l git.

  4. Quakes at the start of your post title you have an open quote whereas by rights there should be an apostrophe. WordPress autocorrect’s fault I suppose. And Lahiri the quote is “Others abide *our* question.”

  5. No can do with the apostrophe thingie. Weirdly enough, its only the heading which appears to have formatting issues! The text seems fine enough. And Larry is, as already stated, a prize git.

  6. I hear they’re making a video of me soon. I’ll send it to you when it’s done. The world will have to be satisfied with Zidane until then.

  7. I had once seen a movie similar to the one you’ve mentioned in your post…. but it was focusing on George Best….. this experimental film maker named Helmut Costard was the director….

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