Racing Cycles and Cal Roads (A 10-point Charter)

1. The notorious traffic sensibilities of Cal citizens which are second to none in the entire country

2. The kind of perverse pleasure they take in walking in right the middle of the road

3. And then swerving to left and night when you are just one or two feet away as if poked by an invisible phantom (At least applies to Golf Green residents out for their daily perambulations around the Central Park)

4. Racing cycles aren’t generally fitted with bells (atleast mine isn’t)

5. In the absence of which phrases like ‘get out of my way’ or ‘Hey, yooouuu’ are the only way by which I can avoid crashing into the walking or jogging crowd

6. Which, I do not think serves to endear me, in any way whatsoever to the hitherto mentioned crowd, and how they get their own back by resolutely coming right in front of me the next time, even though I’d have hollered my lungs out

7. Usual cycling hours consist of either early morning or late evenings

8. Which, as it incidentally turns out are also the hours reserved exclusively by winged beings for their daily bowel movements

9. Meaning thereby, that there is also every possibility of being torpedoed by bird droppings

10. Ergo, in the face of such arboreal and earthy obstacles, cycling enthusiasts of Cal, Beware



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