Karma Capers

Oh Boy!! I sometimes do wonder as to what exactly is Karma, you know. The old theory ’bout what goes around comes around, as you sow, so shall you reap and so on. Today I had my VIVAs. Yet again, I started yesterday. Yet again, my prepn. was woeful. Yet again, I got lucky. Thankfully, I got some topics about which I did have some vague ideas and manged to somehow speak, rather assertively for the assigned duration. Now, I dunno whether what I was asserting was correct or not, but I was pretty emphatic about it all the same. And going by the reaction of my panel, by and large, I did manage to get the grade.
Now what I am worried about is Karma. A situation where I would have exerted my utmost (no, really!) and ended up in the dumps. Really scary proposition. But for now, just cooling off at home, VIVAs well behind me, listening to Tim McGraw and thinking which flick to catch on the weekend. Ciao.

One comment

  1. by jove quorum, you really have become a regular feature here. how nice. and yez, after you were finished with your curzez & swearz we actually managed a lift from one of the frezherz. luck, would you call it. and from gariahat, az taralika zaid, everything waz a. o. k.

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