An Introductory Missive

Awesome….I finally have a blog….Hehehe. No more thinking how wonderful it would be to have a blog, hallelujah, of my own, to have the complete freedom to indulge in all sorts of infantile inanities and give full vent to all my ravings and rantings. Eee-Haw. Guess I have gushed on long enough to give (Hail thee oncemore) complete worth for having given me the chance, the opportunity, the option, the prospect (thats it! I am out of synonyms) of publishing my pantomined polemics (rather pompous though, they might be). Umm….I guess that, just about does it for my introductory post and my first venture into the realm of blogging. (Just hope I am not unknowingly contravening some obscure edict of blogging etiquette by breaking off so abruptly) Ciao then.



  1. The comment posted before this one should be the appropiate one for you but I would appreciate if you make your emails more coherent(you know what I mean) for we common masses instead of mistaking us for a part of the distinguished literature enthusiasts community.I must say this is a great step in keeping in touch with all without necissitating forced mail replies or browsing through a group mail of large content for a line thats written for you or going through those unwanted forwards that you have come across a zillion times!Three cheers to you SEXY for this wonderful blog! We do have faith in your credibility of keeping the blog alive and interesting to the best of your abilities and at the same time do accept that a part of this responsibility also lies on our shoulders…….OK enough of useless crapping ….. SEXY – post your next message for us….Its been a fortnight since we have heard from you.

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